AODSAmateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (various locations)
AODSAustralian Officiating Development Schedule (Australia)
AODSAlcohol and Other Drug Services
AODSAir Operations Decision Support (US D0D)
AODSAmis des Oiseaux Deux Sèvres (French bird club)
AODSAlton Operatic and Dramatic Society (UK)
AODSArea-Oriented Depot Standardization
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The variable [[??]] [epsilon] [0, 2[pi]] is the [] path's angle of departure (AoD).
Other studies have assessed the effects of AIE on risk-taking behavior, impulsivity, and disinhibition, all behavioral propensities that could promote experimentation with AODs. Such studies have demonstrated that animals with adolescent alcohol exposure exhibited greater risk preferences on a probability-discounting task.
From Figure 3(b), we see that the AODs derived from both ceilometers and lidar agreed well with the sky-radiometer AODs in the case of small optical thickness.
So, how can instructors increase the quality of interactions in asynchronous online courses through AODs? Below are some suggestions.
Stine, LLC: In AOD 2017-02, the IRS said it would maintain its stance regarding when a retail store is placed in service for depreciation purposes.
The AoDs [[theta].sub.t] and AoAs [[theta].sub.r] are uniformly distributed over the three regions: "Ahead" (0 < [[theta].sub.t] [less than or equal to] [[theta].sub.r] < [pi]/2), "Between" (0 < [[theta].sub.t] [less than or equal to] [pi]/2 [less than or equal to] [[theta].sub.r] < [pi]), and "Behind" ([pi]/2 [less than or equal to] [[theta].sub.t] < [[theta].sub.r] < [pi]), respectively.
The nonstationary features of our channel model are noteworthy because our modeling framework does not consider macroscopic (large-scale) or microscopic (small-scale) factors that are already well-known sources of nonstationarities, such as path loss, shadowing, the appearance and disappearance of IOs, or time-varying AODs and AOAs.
Sanjay has been in and out of substitution treatment for some 15 years, and although certain details of his life history are unique, his unstable living conditions and AODs use resemble the lives of many other users, as do the attempts to improve his living conditions.
H1: Students using AAODs will perform better on their exam than students using AODs.
Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use during pregnancy negatively impacts both mother and child, and the effects of maternal alcohol and illicit drug use on the fetus and postnatal infant outcomes are growing public health concerns in South Africa and elsewhere [1].
An exception had to be considered for southern Africa, due to the existence of three contrasting aerosol seasons, as far as their species and magnitude are concerned: summer (December-April) with normally moderate AODs, dust season (May-June) with strong occasional dust storms in some areas, and fire season (July-November) with very large AODs caused by smoke over large areas.