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AODVAd-Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector
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4(a), the packet delivery ratios of AODV, double-forwarding AODV and competition-based AODV protocols gradually increase as the node group expands.
Sending AODV message, which would be IDS message to inform other nodes about the malicious node.
4 Wireless Sensor Communications throughput with an AODV routing scheme, using a new module for OMNeT++.
Intensive computations are required to make AODV secure against black hole attacks [11].
ODAR is similar with AODV [8], following the usual route request and reply mechanism in packet formats.
On the whole, the performance of AODV is more superior, but in the intensive network, there are still many shortcomings.
DYMO is considered as a successor to the AODV routing protocols.
DYMO is basically an improvement over the AODV protocol as for AODV every node records the next hop to send a packet to a specific destination [5].
Students provide a unique perspective on AODV prevention, and they can also bring a certain authority to the issue: college presidents and other campus administrators pay attention when students speak about AODV issues in a responsible and informed way.
Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol takes advantages of both reactive protocol AODV and proactive protocol OLSR.
Esse padrao determina o uso de um protocolo de roteamento chamado HWMP (Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol) (BAHR, 2006), que e baseado no conhecido protocolo para redes ad-hoc, AODV (Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector) (PERKINS; BELDING-HOYER; DAS, 2003).