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AOEAge Of Empires (Microsoft game)
AoEATA Over Ethernet (Storage Area Network Protocol)
AOEArea of Effect (gaming)
AOEAge of Empires (game)
AOEFast Combat Support Ship
AOEAlpha Omega Epsilon (engineering sorority)
AOEAirport of Entry
AOEArrow Energy NL (Brisbane, Qld, Australia; stock symbol)
AOEAcute Otitis Externa (swimmer's ear)
AOEAmerican Orient Express
AOEArmy Of Excellence
AOEArea of Emphasis
AOEApplication Operating Environment
AOEAces Over Europe (flight simulation game)
AOEAlberta Order of Excellence
AOEAsia Optical Fiber Communication & Optoelectronic Exposition & Conference
AOEArea of Eligibility
AOEAngels on Earth
AOEAutomotive Original Equipment
AOEAeronautical Obstacle Environment
AOEAuditing Order Error
AOEAmmunition Oiler Equipment
AOEAvenir Ouest Energie (French energy consultancy)
AOEAll of Enemies
AOEAnnual Operating Expense (various locations)
AoEAssociation of Engineers (India)
AOEApproach Outdoor Education (Canada)
AOEAnywhere on Earth (calendar designation)
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ZINOTIC has become an important AOE treatment option since its introduction, and new ZINOTIC ES will be a welcome addition to the ZINOTIC franchise as it further addresses the three AOE treatment goals with its enhanced, extra strength formulation," according to Jarrett Disbrow, President and CEO of Arbor Pharmaceuticals.
Commenting on the launch of the AOE Web site and the public education campaign to alert consumers about the program, William Fisher, chief executive of the industry trade group Drycleaning & Laundry Institute International, noted, "Professional drycleaners who undergo training and who work hard to refine their craft and serve the public have long needed a form of validation that consumers can recognize and rely upon.
I am confident that he will succeed in his goal to make AOE the premier provider of business solutions in the Southwest.
The most common risk factors for AOE are prolonged exposure to water (e.
The AOE goes the whole way, and it's not simply a mode of transportation; it's a train that tours.
Two trials of a combined 1,377 patients were conducted for the AOE indication.
AOE, ONE and UTM have all proven they are exceptional and their innovation has contributed to the transformation of the industry," stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.
Combined with ADTRAN's integrated diagnostic capabilities, AOE is designed to reduce the time it takes to coordinate and diagnose a customer trouble call from several hours to a few minutes.
AOE offers two routings with fall in mind: Autumn in New England & Quebec and the Pacific Coast Explorer.
Tech & Learning's AOE program has been recognizing outstanding ed tech curriculum products for nearly three decades.
The Republic of Korea Navy has awarded a contract worth $123 million to Raytheon for the delivery of nine Phalanx Block 1B Close-In Weapon Systems for installation aboard ROK FFX Batch II frigates and AOE II-class fast combat support ships.