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But creating and expressing, donning my 'Aoede' artist hat, doesn't go far enough.
For more information on Lisa Sniderman and Aoede visit:
Linnaeus, 1771) X Neruda aoede lucretius Weymer, 1891 X Neruda metharme perseis (H.F.E.J.
X Heliconius melpomene bellula (Turner) X X Heliconius melpomene malleti (Lamas) X X Heliconius numata aristiona (Hewitson) X Heliconius numata euphone (Felder) X Heliconius numata messene (Felder) X Laparus doris doris (Linnaeus) X X Neruda aoede bartletti (Druce) X X Philaethria dido dido (Linnaeus) X Ithomiinae Aeria eurimedia (Cramer) * X Athesis acrisione deflavata (Niepelt) X Brevoleria aelia (Hewitson) * X Dircenna adina xanthophane (Hoppffer) X X Forbestra proceris ssp.