AOESAdvanced Operations and Engineering Services (Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands)
AOESAdvanced Orbital Ephemeris System
AOESAn Open Ended Sky (band)
AOESActinometry Optical Emission Spectroscopy
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It is also part of the molecular structure of chlorophyll, and its absence causes severe plant stress that leads to increased AOEs production.
Conclusively, immune targeting therapy and liposome formulation are promising approaches to facilitate the delivery of AOEs and nonenzymatic antioxidants before ischemia process.
COP can be measured in all three planes of movement; however, in this study the 95% arc of ellipse (AoE) was the variable of interest, which estimates the total area of COP movement over the test duration with 95% confidence interval.
In order to verify the internal consistency of more established measures used in the primary analyses, Cronbach's Alphas for these measures and subscales (e.g., tension reduction scale of the AOES) were also computed.
Areas of expertise (AOEs) were used in this model to distinguish between what is meant by core competencies, defined as a broad set of competencies that cut across job groups, and AOEs, described as the specific subject matter, technical, or professional knowledge and skills required for successful Extension work in individual jobs or job groups.
Two partners at separate Big Four firms have remarked that their perception of the quality of the work performed at AOEs is equal or superior to the work performed by staff domestically.
Through this partnership, Kelly Engineering Resources will support the AOEs with a monetary grant to enrich the educational experience of students by enabling educators to pursue new ideas, create innovative programs and fund special events to enhance the curriculum.
AOES un achlysur wedi digwydd yn eich bywyd sydd yn dal i ddod yn ol i'ch meddwl a'ch poeni yn aml?
My mother bought the Compaq computer hardware from Office Depot, used Microsoft Internet Explorer software, and wanted AOEs services.
WorldCom added AOEs and Compuserve's networking divisions, ANS and CNS, respectively, to its already large Internet services.
USS Arctic (T-AOE 8), homeported in Earle, N.J., is the next AOE available to a lieutenant commander and is currently posted on the lieutenant commander operational and overseas billet list.