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Weber's three indexes were used to evaluate reduction of the ankle joint and syndesmosis in the mortise view: (1) trilateral intervals of the ankle joint should be equal and parallel, (2) the medial spike of the fibula should indicate the level of the tibial subchondral bone (no irregular Shenton's line), and (3) the contour of the lateral part of the articular surface of the talus continues as an unbroken curve to the recess in the distal fibula (Coin sign).[23],[24] The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) Ankle-Hindfoot Score and Visual Analog Scale (VAS) score were used for functional and pain evaluation at the final follow-up of a mean of 3 years.
Baseline demographic characteristics of the groups Prolotherapy group (n=26) n Mean[+ or -]SD Age (years) 45.1[+ or -]6.7 Sex Female 21 Male 5 Time of symptoms (month) 32.8[+ or -]23.9 Side Right 18 Left 8 Visual Analog Scale (Baseline) 6.9[+ or -]1.5 AOFAS (Baseline) 55.0[+ or -]15.5 Foot Function Index (Baseline) 57.7[+ or -]13.6 Control group (n=24) n Mean[+ or -]SD p Age (years) 46.3[+ or -]7.6 0.539 Sex 0.623 Female 19 Male 6 Time of symptoms (month) 34.3[+ or -]23.3 0.825 Side 0.616 Right 15 Left 9 Visual Analog Scale (Baseline) 6.7[+ or -]1.44 0.600 AOFAS (Baseline) 57.4[+ or -]14.4 0.683 Foot Function Index (Baseline) 56.9[+ or -]12.7 0.834 SD: Standard deviation; AOFAS: American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society Clinical Rating System.
At the 12 months postoperative visit, the patient was satisfied with the results and was performing sports activity (AOFAS score: 91).
Regarding the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) score, all except for three patients postoperatively reached the maximum score of 100 points.
After 6 months of follow-up, the patient had a VAS score of 2 and an AOFAS score of 87.
The mean total AOFAS score was 85 out of a maximum of 100 points.
12 (1) AOFAS score Better clinical [74] outcome for the subchondral drilling + PJAC group according to higher AOFAS (2) FAAM score and FAAM scores after 2 years.
The mean AOFAS ankle-hindfoot scale score, the VISAA score, and the Arner-Lindholm standard could be refer to in Table 2.
At final follow up, patient were evaluated using AOFAS score and categorised accordingly