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memory alternates between rage and happiness; the choices attempt to come to grips with this alternation, in order not to shatter the biography a second time, in its own recollection and in its narration (AofG, p154).
And now I discover myself once more having the same ideas I had before '68, about a lot of important things (AofG, p152).
Because my family, on the other hand, had not thought so and had hidden from me for a long time the fact that she was dead (AofG, pp114-5).
I remember one meeting, probably in '72, where someone said 'are we always going to take it, why don't we see if we can't be better armed, carry with us not just lemon for the tear-gas, but also something like a Molotov cocktail?' and the answer of some comrades was 'It's okay with me, I've got nothing to lose', because the disillusionment, the weariness were already immense, we felt more and more defenseless, disorganized, endangered (AofG, p111).
Like many others, I had always assumed that terrorism couldn't come from anywhere but the right, that it was Fascist by definition (AofG, p121).
But I couldn't have borne them, in their alternation of being too full and too empty, if I had not confronted myself and my history with the double motion of analysis and the exercise of remembering (AofG, p124).