AOGCArkansas Oil and Gas Commission (Little Rock, AR)
AOGCAllied Online Gaming Coalition
AOGCAsia Oil and Gas Conference (Malaysia)
AOGCAladdin Oil & Gas Company (est. 2006; Oslo, Norway)
AOGCAll Olympia Gymnastics Center (Los Angeles, CA)
AOGCAfrica Oil and Gas Corporation
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In the development of the shale play, the ADEQ primarily regulates impacts to air and water; the AOGC primarily regulates the production process and the impacts from that.
The AOGC, for example, adopted regulations that included a manifest system to track fracking wastewater, where it was picked up and where it was hauled.
In June 20H, the Arkansas Geological Survey concluded that drilling wastewater injected into the disposal wells had triggered those earthquakes, and the next month the AOGC shut down the four disposal wells in the shale play and prohibited the drilling of any new wells in the area.
Speaking at a media briefing for the AOGC, the permanent secretary at Kenya's Ministry of Energy, Patrick Nyoike, confirmed that the government had commissioned studies to determine the required capacity of a new oil pipeline to meet future demand in western Kenya and to supply landlocked regional neighbours.
Butper AOGC rules, Capstone could appeal the denial to the commission, which it did.
The AOGC has since answered the complaint, denying the allegations.
AOGC currently has 40 vehicles in its fleet converted to run on CNG, with conversion costing about $8,000 a vehicle.
But some of the used water can still be beneficial for surface purposes, according to the AOGC and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.
In fact, the ADEQ has permitted some [gas companies] to land-farm some of the materials, though I have not actually seen any of that yet," said Steve Gates, assistant director and geologist with the AOGC.