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AOHAncient Order of Hibernians
AOHAfter Office Hours
AOHAlliance of Heroes (gaming)
AOHAngels of Hell (gaming clan)
AOHAnnals of Occupational Hygiene (journal)
AOHAnatomy of Habit (band)
AOHAccepted on Hire
AOHAssembly Operations Handbook (US NASA)
AOHAnnual Operating Hour (energy use)
AOHAll-optical histology
AOHAssociation Ostéopathique de l'Hérault (French: Osteopathic Association of Herault; Herault, France)
AOHAlways on Hand
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Lucion Environmental was advised on the acquisition of AOH Limited by Jonathan Grant at Grants Accountants in Leeds and Julian Gill at Dickinson Dees Law Firm in Newcastle.
He hopes the AOH can foster that here among the Irish in Worcester.
About 40 percent of the AOH membership is from Ireland, said Mr.
But now the former IRA gun-runner believes the AOH should represent traditional Catholic values in Ireland.
Anti-gay protesters claiming to be in the AOH recently attacked Justice Minister Michael McDowell as he gave a speech on gay rights.
The ultra-catholic AOH, which believes in a free Ireland, the right to life and is opposed to stem-cell research, is so strict on its morals it has come under vicious attack by liberals in the US for not allowing gays to walk in the annual New York St Patrick's day parade.
The move came after the AOH apologised to parade organisers for remarks made last year by its former president, Thomas Gilligan.