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Eye movement indicators generated from the Tobii studio included fixation duration, fixation count, visit duration, and visit count on all target AOIs. Fixation in this study was identified as a gaze point that lasted for at least 60 ms, which is the minimum time for a stimulus to travel from the retina to the region of the brain that processes the information (Chien et al., 2015; Rayner, 1998).
The high court said Smartmatic-TIM was able to prove that it was 60 percent Filipino-owned and that its participation in the bidding while its articles of incorporation (AOI) was being amended was not enough legal basis to nullify its winning the contract.
The total fixation duration for the No Gesture condition was greater than the Gesture condition for all AOIs. Average fixation durations per AOI for the No Gesture condition were also greater than the Gesture condition except for a slightly higher duration in the Weathercaster's Eland AOI for the Gesture condition.
Las estrofas centrales del soneto encarecen la labor como letrado de Berenguel de Aois. Quevedo repite para ello algunos recursos ya vistos, como el del poliptoton verbal (<<vistio vistiere>>, v.
The team uses the IPB (intelligence preparation of the battlefield) products developed within the team and from higher headquarters to analyze the threat and environment within the brigade's AOI. The S2 plans team, as part of an integrated staff effort, refines and presents threat COAs during mission analysis, COA development, and wargaming.
In addition to the products showcased at the booth, AOIs Mingshan Li will be presenting a paper entitled Demonstration of 53.125 Gb/s, CWDM, PAM-4, Directly Modulated Laser Transmission over 20 km SMF.
The physical location of the tablet computer does not affect the other reported analyses, in which the AOIs are individually created for each participant and then used to amalgamate the data.
AoI donAAEt want to make light of the fact that coming up with a couple of hundred thousand dollars for us is a big deal,Ao says Kim Witman of the Wolf Trap Opera and Foundation.
Since the 01005 assembly line lacks a feasible inline repair mechanism, the post-reflow AOI needs to be able to use the inspection data from the upstream AOI (or AOIs) to enhance its defect detect-ability.
The images were separated into seven key areas of interest (AOIs) in which participants focussed their gaze- under the right eye, right eye, under the left eye, left eye, nose, mouth and other parts of the screen.
Nam chuimhne, bha mi cho fad' air falbh bhon taigh 's b'urrainn dhomh a bhith aig m' aois.
a leading provider of fiber-optic access network products for the internet datacenter, and Innovium, Inc., a leading provider of networking switch solutions for data centers, announced successful interoperability of AOIs 400G QSFP-DD SR8 and 400G QSFP-DD DR4 2km transceivers breakout to 100G FR QSFP28 with Innoviums industry leading 12.8Tbps TERALYNX Switch ASIC.