AOJAomori, Japan (Airport Code)
AOJAdministration of Justice
AOJAgency of Jurisdiction (Virginia)
AOJAlaska Outdoor Journal (online magazine)
AOJAgency of Original Jurisdiction (US VA)
AOJAmerican Orthoptic Journal
AOJOiler (US Navy ship designation)
AOJAbility, Opportunity, Jeopardy (self defense)
AOJAdd One and do not Jump
AOJAuxiliary Olier Jumbo (ships)
AOJAlliance of Justice (gaming)
AOJAbstract of Judgment (law)
AOJAngle On Jam
AOJAge of Judgment
AOJAssessment Of Job
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He said the AOJ had completed maintenance and refurbishment projects of magistrate courts in Mahalapye, Maun, Kasane and Francistown.
The labor secretary usually issues an AOJ in cases that involve national interests.
The AOJ was designed by a team in Melksham, Generative Parametrics, led by Alex Groffman.
Full cervical spine computed tomography (CT) scan was performed which showed an Anderson and Montesano classification (20) type III left occipital condyle fracture (Figure 1), a Levine and Edwards classification (21) type III (Jefferson) fracture with mild lateral subluxation of bilateral C1 masses (Figure 2), and an asymmetric widening and slight anterior subluxation of the right AOJ (Figure 3).
The items are "I am pleased with the AOJ tire brand," "I am unhappy with the AOJ tire brand," and "I am satisfied with the AOJ tire brand." We performed principal components analysis and extracted one factor with an eigenvalue of > 1, explaining 70% of the variance.
The Innocence Project of Florida is perhaps the best known of the projects funded under the Foundation's AOJ grant program, but other grants have the potential to make a major impact on justice and the legal system in Florida.
One of the goals of the Foundation's AOJ grants is to fund projects that will educate the public about the law and the legal system.
Today, the "Anbar Awakening" has become Exhibit A in the Bush administration's argument for why the war is winnable (see "Miracle in Ramadi?" page 49); in other words, by shooting itself in the foot, AOJ has handed the White House its sole PR victory in Iraq.
The research was completed in 1998, but in order to have this tool widely used by many people, we organized the TSC21 Association of Japan (TSC21 AOJ) in 1999.