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AOLAmerica Online, Inc.
AOLArt of Living
AOLAngel of Light
AOLAdventure of Link (video game; sequel to The Legend of Zelda)
AOLApplication Object Library
AoLArmy of Light (Starwars Galaxies guild)
AOLAge of Legends (Wheel of Time Series)
AOLAirborne Oceanographic LIDAR
AOLAbsent Over Leave (See AWOL)
AOLÁrea de Olho de Lombo
AOLarea of limitation (US DoD)
AOLAll Operator Letter (airline industry)
AOLAssyria on Line
AOLAsynchronous On-Line (training)
AOLAlgebra of Limits (mathematical analysis)
AOLAcronym Over Load
AOLAlarm on LAN
AOLAircraft Operating Limit
AOLArchers of Loaf (band)
AOLAcademy of Our Lady (various locations)
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No cut-and-dried figures can back up that claim, but anecdotal evidence supports Kebbel's vision of AOL as USA Today Lite for Netheads.
The 5th Annual Super Sunday Ad Poll on AOL will let fans view and vote on their favorite Super Bowl[R] commercials and share them with their friends.
AOL users will be able to watch Darkon for free this month, participate in its online community and then spread the word about the film.
By looking at the aggregation of search trends and patterns that emerged on AOL Search throughout the year we can develop a unique, collective snapshot of things, people and events that were top of mind or what consumers wanted to know more about," said Dariusz Paczuski, Vice President, AOL[R] Search.
Broadband users are simultaneously accessing multiple Internet features and consuming an ever-increasing amount of digital media," said Joel Davidson, Executive Vice President of Products and Technology, AOL.
AOL Parental Controls are designed to give parents the tools they need to help protect their children from inappropriate or dangerous online material.
In addition to the Internet access business and AMSE, Neuf Cegetel has made a commitment to hire up to 140 AOL France employees, who will fill open positions within its group.
As Vice Chairman, Leonsis will continue to serve as a strategist and visionary for AOL, focusing on the transformation of AOL into a company that is driving some of the most exciting Web 2.
As part of the agreement, AOL will acquire both the GameDaily consumer website (http://www.
Consumers will be able to use their personalized My eAddress domain as an email address, as their AIM(R) address to send and receive instant messages and access their Buddy List(R) feature, to access features across the AOL network, and, coming soon, as the address of their own personal Web page on the free AIM(R) Pages social networking service.
Among the AOL products that will be available for free to anyone with an Internet connection are: AOL's integrated software; communications features, including AOL e-mail, instant messaging, a local phone number with unlimited incoming calls, and social networking applications; and safety and security features, such as parental controls.
One of the many joys of digital photography is being able to quickly receive actual prints of the photos you've taken, so we're really excited to work with Walgreens to offer AOL Pictures users another convenient and fast option for getting their high-quality prints," said David Liu, Vice President and General Manager, AOL.