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AOLTVAmerica On Line Interactive Television
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The FCC investigation concurred with the findings of the FTC review: AOL Time Warner would have the potential ability to use its combined control of cable system facilities, video programming and the AOLTV service to discriminate against unaffiliated video programming networks in the provision of ITV services.
Company refers to Friedman's new playground, AOLTV, which is less than a year old, as "the world's first interactive television service for mass-market consumers." Friedman reports to Barry Schuler, chairman-CEO of AOLTV.
40% of the weight of the list was based on the analysis of 'Top TV theme song' lists obtained from existing publishers (AolTV,, IGN Music, others)
Nonetheless, firms like iBlast, TiVo, OpenTV, RespondTV, Liberate, AOLTV and Microsoft were out in full force at NATPE.
Can the new behemoth on the block, AOL Time Warner, effectively execute a successful broadband strategy with AOLTV?
And with the AOL/Time Warner merger expected to go through, the fledgling AOLTV will be able to push a tremendous amount of Time Warner content.