AOMDAnimals of Mass Destruction (gaming)
AOMDAspect Oriented Middleware Development
AOMDAdvanced Optical Materials and Devices
AOMDAlgorithm Oriented Mesh Database
AOMDAdvanced Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (workshop)
AOMDAspect-Oriented and Model-Driven (software development workshop)
AOMDAll Outlaws Must Die
AOMDAutomated Outbound Message Delivery
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Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Non-Assembly Line Coating Operations," South Coast AOMD, amended September 5, 2014.
Initial mean weight (IMW), final mean weight (FMW), specific growth rate (SGR), Feed conversion ratio (FCR), survival, protein efficiency ratio (PER), apparent nitrogen utilization (ANU), apparent organic matter digestibility (AOMD) and apparent protein digestibility (APD) were measured using the following equations: SGR = 100[(log.
The growth performance including IMW, FMW, SGR, FCR, PER, ANU, AOMD, APD and survival rate of Nile tilapia are shown in Table 3.