AOMEArmies of Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings)
AOMEApple of My Eye
AOMEAcute Otitis Media with Effusion (infection)
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Technology solutions provider HP (NYSE:HPQ) announced on Monday (22 October) that the company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Atos Origin Middle East group (AOME), a systems integrator company in the Middle East.
The Dutch-Swedish digital marketing solutions and services provider LBI International AB said on Wednesday (20 September) that it has sold its German subsidiary Escador GmbH to full-service systems integrator Atos Origin Middle East (AOME).
After the transaction LBI holds a 10% stake in AOME.
Aome pundits already insist that the goals previously scored by ``Mr X'' would prove to be difference between success and failure for Benitez.
According to the JFDA, the prices of locally manufactured drugs, known as Generic Drugs or Aome too Aoproducts which are equivalent to the foreign brand, should not exceed 80% of the originator product price by law.
Auction are invited for An extent of ac 2.12 cents in rs no.9/1a an extent of ac 1.43 cents in rs no.9/1b and extent of ac 1.99 cents in rs no.9/1c, aomes to a total extent of ac 5.54 cents of land in continguous situated in gowravaram village, jaggaihpet md,krishna dist belongs to 1.sri konda mohan reddy, 2.sri meka venkat reddy 3.sri tamma srinivas reddy 4.sri gollapudi srinivas and 5.sri mathukumili srinivas rao bounded by: east: ac 0.33 cents of land in rs no.9/1b and 9/1c belongs to m/s vms ferro alloys p ltd south: ac 1.38cents of land in rsno.9/1d & 9/1e belongs to m/s vms ferro alloys p ltd west: circar road north: circar donka road.