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Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential (TCHP) is the area/monthly averaged TCHP (kJ cm-2) via NOAA AOML (11) and is represented as a double-precision number.
Krishnamurti (FSU) Modeling Bill Gray (CSU) Empirical Kerry Emanuel (MIT) Theory Jim Elsner (FSU) Empirical Chris Landsea (AOML) Empirical Kam Biu-Liu (LSU) Paleo-storms David Foster (Harvard) Historical, pollen Tom Webb (Brown) Pollen Johny Chan (Hong Kong) Empirical Other Topics Andrew Solow (WHOI) Statistical analysis John Casti (SFI) Complexity Dave Siegel (UCSB) Data systems Associated Science Participants Bob Charlson (U.
In 1980, he moved to another administrative position as Director of AOML, a NOAA research lab that focuses on climate-related oceanography and meteorology.
CONUS hurricane landfall data are extracted from the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory's (AOML) website for the periods 1900-60 and 1983-2016 ( _detailed.html).