AOMPS(Cristus) Ab Omni Malo Populum Suam Defendit (Latin: May Christ protect his people from all evil)
AOMPSAutomatic Outgoing Message Processor System
AOMPS(Cristus) Antiquus Ordo Mysticusque Prioratus Sionus Defendit (Latin: Christ Defends the Ancient Mystic Order of the Priory of Zion)
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Jordanian Association for ElectorsAAE Rights (JAER) held a workshop under the title AoMPs, Electors, and Media: Pillars of DemocracyAo, where civil servants and figures from the political, and media fields gathered to discuss and exchange ideas and information on means to enhance democratic life.
The inclusion of former MPs in the new government will surely add a positive aspect to the government.Ao In agreement, Shdeifat said, AoMPs are closer to the people and their concerns and difficulties; it is a good thing to have previously elected MPs in the government.Ao On the other hand, MP Marzouq DaAAEaja opined to The Star that the government will not continue to the third regular parliamentary session, pointing out that he had hoped for a wider change; DaAAEaja did not expect any improvement on the relations between the government and the Lower House.