AOMRArt of Modern Rock (Germany)
AOMRActuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation
AOMRAssociation of Medical Recruiters (Corona, CA)
AOMRAdaptive Optical Music Recognition (software research)
AOMRAugust Order of the Mystic Rose (Mountain View, CA)
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Three other states, Kansas, Louisiana and Texas, plan to adopt the AOMR, according to Van Elsen Consulting.
When a table was booked under AoAmbassador ChanAo and she arrived asking for it, she was told, AaeOh, he is not here yetAAE.AoMany said they are still often bypassed in receiving lines and the male standing beside them is greeted as AoMr AmbassadorAo.AoEven when I say I am ambassador, people assume I am the spouse,Ao said Shankar, who has represented India in Washington for nearly a year.More than half of new recruits for the US Foreign Service and 30 percent of the chiefs of mission are now women, according to the State Department.
Led by the mysterious AoMr RyderAo (Travolta), their demands are simpleAu$10 million in one hour.
AoPeople donAAEt do enough of that.Ao Los Angeles motorists might also catch AoMr BrainwashAAEsAo contribution.