AONSAutomatic Obsolescence Notification System (software)
AONSAir Observers Navigation School (UK)
AONSAutomated Obsolescence Notification Service
AONSArchitectures, Operations, Networks & Space (US Army)
AONSAdvanced Optical Network System
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Similarly, there was a steady decline in AoNs accorded and contracts concluded by the Navy with approval of Defence Ministry and a corresponding increase in the number of AoNs accorded and contracts concluded due to financial powers given to the Naval Headquarters.
* Adverse outcome networks (AON) to identify mechanistic commonalties among leukemogens and lifestyle factors (diet and stress) that alter leukemia risks (U.S.
NSF AON and ArcticNet in Canada that include a broad range of interdisciplinary observations and projects;
This has led to the development of gene silencing therapies, using either RNA interference (RNAi) or antisense oligonucleotide (AON) approaches.
The ratio of nest signatures to AONs may vary from this as it depends upon the longevity of nest signatures under the prevailing conditions, especially under heavy rain conditions that can either wash away the nest site completely if torrential or obscure it with the emergence of vegetation (Fig.
Georgios Vlantis, "In Erwartung des kunftigen Aons: Aspekte orthodoxer Eschatologie," pp.
TECHNOLOGY POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS CURRENT ISSUES Photonic crystals, Waveguides, light Large-scale manufacturing, photonic band gap turning, improved light confinement in the materials device form factors Z-axis, coupling Holey filters High NA waveguides, Large scale manufacturing, higher power trans- water absorption; fiber mission, nonlinear alignment for splicing properties MEMS devices Wavelength switching Relatively slow (ms) and reconfiguration in AONs Holographs Fast (ns) optical Several unknowns, e.g.
He also touched upon the Indian Navy's thrust on supporting the Make-in-India vision and apprised that since 2014, 82 per cent of AoNs on cost basis has been accorded to Indian vendors.
There was a "eureka moment," said Bridget Gainer, Aons vice president of global public affairs and a Cook County commissioner, when the company realized the positions with higher attrition jobs like H.R.
Another therapy used antisense oligonucleotides (AONs) that are able to induce exon skipping at the pre-mRNA level for rescuing truncated dystrophin protein expression.