AOOApache Openoffice (software)
AOOArea of Occupancy (macroecology)
AOOAssumption of Operations
AOOAnnals of Oncology (Oxford University Press)
AOOAcknowledgement of Order
AOOAssistant Operations Officer (various organizations)
AOOArea of Opportunity (various organizations)
AOOAdobe Open Options
AOOAccelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (dental procedure)
AOOAttack of Opportunity (Dungeons & Dragons game)
AOOAdobe Open Options (licensing program; Adobe Systems Inc.)
AOOArea Of Operations
AOOAny One Occurrence
AOOArmy of One
AOOAltoona / Martinsburg, PA, USA - Blair County (Airport Code)
AOOAudience of One
AOOAdjudant Onderofficier
AOOAnticipated Operational Occurrence
AOOAgents of Oblivion
AOOAviation Ordnance Officer
AOOAngle of Orientation
AOOAmerican Oceanic Organization
AOOAmphibious Operations Officer
AOOAccounting Operations Office
AOOAir Operations Order
AOOAir Operations Officer
AOOAttribute Oriented Operation
AOOAnalysis Objective Order
AOOArea Operations Officer
AOOAbel Oner Office (architectural firm)
References in classic literature ?
Aoo!" said the deer, thinking of what it all meant to them.
"If wisely managed, the benefits of a treaty based on the elements proposed in the AIP will bring certainty to Algonquins of Ontario Aboriginal rights and will assure the AOO an enduring place in the social, political and cultural fabric of Ontario and Canada," said Robert Potts, principal negotiator and Senior Legal Counsel for the AOO.
Como en este aoo personal de maestras en ambas poblaciones es el mismo, me he abstenido ahora de recomendar las escuelas, por esta razon han sido pocos los nioos que han sido matriculados en ellas.
Asked later if it was safe to drink, Bunker Roy, director of Barefoot College which helped Aoo build its first water tank, said: "If he just takes a royal sip, it will be all right."
Charles had sent a call ahead to Aoo to request no floral garlands or turbans after the welcoming committee in another Rajasthan village, Bhaonta, turned him into the prince of flower power.
We pipetted 25 [micro]L 0.5 M BeS[O.sub.4] in dibutylphthalate (BeS[O.sub.4]/DBPT; 1:1) or the positive control, 0.25% 2,4-dinitrofluorobenzene (DNFB; Sigma) in 4:1 AOO, onto the dorsum of the ears for 3 consecutive days.
Contract notice: television, internet and telephone reception reception - aoo reference number: 19s0026
Contract notice: aoo 2019-2058 supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of an air vacuum central unit for the jean bernard building reference number: aoo 2019-2058
Contract notice: aoo - maintenance and technical inspection service of gvww of less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes for sdis 44 and departmental council 44 reference number: sdis44 / aoo maintenance 3.5t
Contract notice: aoo cbmt 19s0078 - olhain state park - works of a superstructure including a belvedere and a zip line reference number: aoo cbmt 19s0078