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AOPOAssociation of Organ Procurement Organizations
AOPOAgent Orange Projects Office
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Bowen served as the Co-Chair of the AOPO Bylaws and Membership Committee from 2014-2015, has served on several workgroups and subcommittees since 1997, and has been highly involved in the organ donation community since 1986.
The award was presented to Dunn last week at the AOPO Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.
AOPO = Association of Organ Procurement Organizations; FTE = Fulltime equivalent; OPO = Organ procurement organization; UNOS = United Network of Organ Sharing.
A study currently under way by the AOPO is reviewing every death in patients age 70 years and younger, tracking referral and consent rates, and ultimately following the organs to their eventual transplantation.
Throughout his 30 years of leadership within the donation and transplantation community, he has played an active role in AOPO by serving on numerous committees and as President.
In the end, ASTS, AST, AOPO, and NATCO all withdrew their names from the document and have sent a letter to HHS Assistant Secretary Howard Koh, MD, outlining our concerns with both the process and the document.
Totals may vary from UNOS and AOPO data due to varying measure criteria, resulting in aggregate variance of 2 to 6 organs.
The national award was presented by the 2014-2015 AOPO President, Kent Holloway of Lifeline of Ohio, and is meant to recognize an individual for their outstanding contributions to the association and its members by advancing its mission and vision through the fiscal year.
The national award was presented by the current AOPO president, Susan Stuart of Pittsburgh, “to an individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership and achievements in the organ procurement field.
The Achievement Award is bestowed to an individual who demonstrates significant professional and/or personal contributions in support of the mission and vision of AOPO.
AOPO and SHC will advocate for "fair national policies or regulations that allow organ procurement organizations (OPOs) to promote and foster donation and transplantation and demonstrate the value and cost effectiveness of transplantation," AOPO said in a press release.
Orlowski exudes the passion for our shared vision of ending deaths on the wait list, and works tirelessly towards that end at his OPO, as well as on various AOPO, UNOS, and other national committees.