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AOPOAssociation of Organ Procurement Organizations
AOPOAgent Orange Projects Office
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Prior to AOPO, she founded Methodica[R] LLC, which provided consulting and advisory services to organizations seeking to develop education, training and research opportunities in donation and transplantation.
AOPO = Association of Organ Procurement Organizations; FTE = Fulltime equivalent; OPO = Organ procurement organization; UNOS = United Network of Organ Sharing.
Donley has been active in several AOPO councils, as well as local and national organizations within her area of practice.
A study currently under way by the AOPO is reviewing every death in patients age 70 years and younger, tracking referral and consent rates, and ultimately following the organs to their eventual transplantation.
Niles has served on several AOPO Councils and Committees and has served as chairperson of the AOPO Ethics Committee and Procurement Council.
In this highly visible position, many have followed Brian as he embraced the role of the CEO of UNOS and worked closely with its diverse community," said Elling Eidbo, CEO of AOPO.
She has served on the AOPO Public Education/Public Relations Steering Committee, Donate Life America's Advisory Committee, and as the chair of Donate Life Ohio.
In the end, ASTS, AST, AOPO, and NATCO all withdrew their names from the document and have sent a letter to HHS Assistant Secretary Howard Koh, MD, outlining our concerns with both the process and the document.
AOPO president 2015-2016, presented the award stating, "Since 1989, when [Gunderson] took the helm at LifeSource, she has engaged thoughtfully and purposefully with those in the organ procurement organization (OPO) community to support AOPO and the national donation and transplant efforts to save lives.
AOPO and SHC will advocate for "fair national policies or regulations that allow organ procurement organizations (OPOs) to promote and foster donation and transplantation and demonstrate the value and cost effectiveness of transplantation," AOPO said in a press release.
Jeff Orlowski, executive director of the Center for Donation and Transplant in Albany, NY begins tenure as AOPO president, and Marian Macsai, MD, Evanston Northwestern Care, Glenview, IL, as president of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA).
Gordon Bowen will serve on the AOPO Executive Committee as President-Elect, Joseph Ferreira will serve as At Large Member, and R.