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AOQLAverage Outgoing Quality Level
AOQLAverage Outgoing Quality Limit
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It can be concluded from Figure 1 that the value of AOQ increases gradually to the quality constraint AOQL and the inspection workload also increases gradually to the inspection capability limit [AFI.sub.L] when the process quality is close to the quality limit [p.sub.IQL] for the optimal scheme ([i.sub.L], [f.sub.L]).
[38] proposed the formulas to solve the parameters of the specified AOQL contour scheme for the specified p.
The values of [i.sub.L] decrease and the values of [f.sub.L] increase when the values of the quality limit [p.sub.IQL] become greater under the given quality requirement AOQL.
Nevertheless, both the probabilities of making the type I and II errors are high when the process is controlled with the AOQL contour scheme in CSP-1.
The in-control process with p [less than or equal to] AOQL should be accepted with a higher probability than 1 - [alpha]; [alpha] is the probability of making the type I error that the process with high quality level is rejected.
There are two key points, (AOQL, [alpha]) and ([p.sub.IQL], [beta]), that need to be considered at the same time in the risk control scheme.
For example, under two constraints, AOQL = 0.00018([S.sub.AOQL] = 1.2485) and [p.sub.IQL] = 0.0009([S.sub.IQL] = 1.1067), and two given risks, [alpha] = 0.1 and [beta] = 0.1, the sole solution (n, [s.sub.0]) = (225, 1.1730) can be obtained from (17) and (18).
The roles of CSP-1 and the index [] in the optimal scheme are independent and complementary when considering simultaneously the two constraints AOQL and [AFI.sub.L] for the process quality and cost control.
For a specified value of AOQL = 0.0060, MAAOQ = 0.0059, MAPD =0.0067 and [lambda] = 0.2 the value of [] = 0.00592.
In this paper a procedure for the construction and selection of ChSP-1 indexed through gain parameter [lambda] which is a convex combination of AOQL and MAAOQ is stated.
and Mallika, M., 2008, "Designing of Sampling plans indexed through the convex combination of AOQL and MAAOQ", Published as a proceedings of the National level Conference on IT and Business Intelligence organized by Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India