AORSAbnormal Occurrences Reporting System (nuclear database; EU)
AORSAssociation of Ontario Road Supervisors (Canada)
AORSAdvanced Occupant Restraint System (automobiles)
AORSArmy Operations Research Symposium
AORSArea of Research Strength
AORSARPERCEN Orders and Resource System
AORSAssociate of the Operational Research Society (UK)
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Women with EDS also had AORs of 1.8 for antepartum hemorrhage (2.8% versus 1.6%; 95% Cl, 1.2-2.7; P less than .01).
Although the GCCs are the driving forces behind Operation Plan (OPLAN) development within their respective Areas of Responsibility (AOR), they are not th e ultimate decision makers with respect to which contingencies merit planning consideration.
They do this by supporting the ASCC G-2s in synchronizing and coordinating intelligence activities in their AORs. This includes providing enabling support and services that help units gain access to theater-specific data and integrate into the theater's intelligence architecture.
To aid readers, aORs and associated confidence intervals for disparity groups were calculated with values for control variables taken at their means and presented as forest plots in Figure 2.
Estimated aORs for thyroid disease in association with IQR increases in wet-weight serum PBB and PCB concentrations were imprecise, with inverse associations estimated for PBB-153 [for an IQR increase (0.75 ng/mL), aOR = 0.69 (95% CI: 0.3, 1.4)] and [SIGMA]PCB (di-ortho) [for an IQR increase (0.81 ng/mL), aOR = 0.93 (95% CI: 0.4, 2.1)], and a positive association with PCB-118 [for an IQR increase (0.06 ng/mL), aOR= 1.50 (95% CI: 0.9, 2.5)] (Table 5).
Conducting preemptive anti-exit strikes on North Korean naval bases under the concept of the underwater KAMD doctrine will require changes to several aspects of current South Korean practice: expanding the AORs, revising rules of engagement (ROEs), and deploying ROKN submarine forces in the near sea around the Sinp'o naval facility.
To get this information, you will need robust workflows, with AORs identified and error tracking at a category and subcategory level that identifies a root cause, throughout processing, underwriting and closing.
There are times where it makes sense to continue to use decertified algorithms to secure operational data; however, those uses must be analyzed to minimize operational risk and, in the current fiscal environment, system upgrades must be prioritized to systems and areas of responsibility (AORs) with the greatest operational risk.
Space and cyberspace provide mission support to the joint fight, but they are domains and AORs as well.
RAFs involve rigorous preparation for specific AORs, including preparation for possible terrorist attacks.