AORSAAcquired Oxacillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
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A research team led by Fred Jaeger and Lee Berry of ORNL is running the all-orders spectral algorithm (AORSA) code, which obtains solutions to the Maxwell-Boltzmann equations for the wave electric and magnetic fields and for the distribution function representing the density of various species in a plasma.
With Jaguar, the team has been able to run AORSA on 22,500 dual-core processors at more than 87 TF in the compute portion of the code (using the Goto BLAS math library), and simulate a 250,000-cell mesh--providing a model with more than three times the resolution of earlier simulations.
X Caligo placidianus (Staudinger) X Caligo illioneus praxsidous (Fruhstorfer) X Caligo oileus umbratilis (Stichel) X Caligo idomeneus idomenides (Fruhstorfer) X Caligo eurylochus galba (Deyrolle) X Opoptera aorsa hilaris (Stichel) * X X Opsiphanes cassiae rubigatus (Stichel) X Opsiphanes invirae intermedius (Stichel) X Opsiphanes cassina ssp.