AOSDAspect-Oriented Software Development
AOSDApplication Oriented System Design
AOSDAdult Onset Still's Disease
AOSDAspect-Oriented Software Design
AOSDArab Organization for Social Defence Against Crime
AOSDAccommodation & Office Services Division
AOSDAfloat Operations Support Detachment
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AOSD is generally characterized by the classical triad of daily spiking fever ([greater than or equal to] 39 [degrees]C) persisting for > 1 week, arthritis, and a typical nonpruritic salmon-colored rash on the trunk and limbs.
AOSD was finally diagnosed, based on the presence of pyrexia, polyarthralgia, skin rash, sore throat, leukocytosis, liver dysfunction, lack of RF, and the negative ANA titer.
A combination of both markedly elevated ferritin levels and GF levels =20% improves the sensitivity and specificity of AOSD diagnosis (1-3).
When the aetiological diagnosis eludes the clinician, patients with PUO are often diagnosed as having AOSD.
DISCUSSION: There is no universally agreed upon diagnostic test for AOSD.
4th AOSD Modeling With UML Workshop, 6th International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language (UML2003), San Francisco, USA, ACM (2003).
To the best of our knowledge; this is the first reported case of AOSD in combination with warm auto-immune haemolytic anaemia in Pakistan.
AOSD is a technology that addresses the separation of concerns in software at the code level.
The oldest reported patient with AOSD was a 75-year-old Japanese woman [6].