AOSLAbbey Office Supplies Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland)
AOSLAuthorized Organizational Stockage List
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The specific pattern of differences between the AOSL, DOSL, and Control groups was the same as described above (i.e., the three groups significantly differed from one another, with AOSL the most positive, DOSL in the middle, and Control the least positive) for all of the individual subscales with the exception of the Responsibility for Improving Society subscale.
To examine the second hypothesis that helping type would interact with direct contact to predict ESRO, we used a moderated regression analysis, with helping type (AOSL and DOSL) and direct contact hours as predictors.
The Autonomous Ocean Systems Laboratory (AOSL) at the university is part of a long-term study modeling the behavior of icebergs that includes acquiring real-world data that will increase the accuracy of predicting the rate and direction of their drift.
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOSL) shares went up 2.77 percent to $9.66 in post-market trading Friday.
The shares will be traded on the Nasdaq exchange under the AOSL symbol.
Meanwhile, top gainers in the sector included Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited(NASDAQ: AOSL), up 27%, and Luna Innovations Incorporated(NASDAQ: LUNA), up 20%.