AOSOAdministratie Ondersteunende Studies en Opdrachten (Dutch: Administration Studies and Support Contracts; Belgium)
AOSOAdvanced Orbiting Solar Observatory
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AoSo many accidents happen when people are in a rush to get to work or to a meeting.
AoThe day can get busy really fast,Ao she said, Aoso I want to be totally prepared before the president arrives.Ao Even before Obama left the residence for an economic briefing, a meeting with his advisers and lunch with Vice President Biden, a deluge of guests were parading through the presidentAAEs home.
AoSo I know many people there, and I want to bring works of art from the Amazon here to Oman.Ao
AoSo, youAAEre going to have to learn how to iron and stand there until your back hurts, like most people,Ao wrote one commenter.
AoSo, the first challenge is to stay within the pool.
Freeman, promising to serve Jefferson faithfully, went on to ask whether the president might even be Aoso good as to keep us (both)AoAuthat is, purchase a female slave named Melinda Colbert.
AoSo, the effect of any change in tourism will have a more lasting effect on Dubai.Ao The Chedi Muscat saw a slight drop in occupancy in November.
AoSo, I let my photos speak for me.AoThey have spoken loud and clear.
AoSo Frannie, are you ready for second grade?Ao her dad asked.
AoSo then consumers have to ask themselves: What is really the benefit of spending money on these products, if they are not going to decrease the risk of common diseases that affect women or benefit health?
(BSTC) is launching a clearance campaign for Nissan Altima, under the umbrella of AoSo Much More for LessAo, with special discounts on the range of the products.Zaid Hamed, marketing and Corporate communication Manager of BSTC, said: AoWe try to do our best to provide all possible methods and solutions to enable our existing and potential customers to find all what they need with the best cost, taking into consideration the current financial and economical statusAo.
AoSo even if apartments remain empty and lights switched off at night, that doesnAAEt mean the units are for sale in the market.AoWith assistance from Ayesha Daya in Dubai.WPBLOO