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AOSPAthabasca Oil Sands Project (Alberta, Canada)
AOSPAndroid Open Source Project
AOSPAdvanced On-Board Signal Processor
AOSPArmy Occupational Survey Program
AOSPAnalog Optical Signal Processing
AOSPAtmospheric and Ocean Sciences Program
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Marathon's 2009 upstream operational metrics were solid, but were significantly skewed by changes in SEC reserve definitions which allowed the company to book its stake in AOSP.
9 billion Detroit refinery expansion, a multi-billion dollar development program of the AOSP Heavy Oil Sands project in Canada, and accelerated E&P budget.
However, for those who want to experience the Lollipop interface already, they can try to download and install the unofficial AOSP build from (http://forum.
Other AOSP partners include Shell (60%) and Chevron (20%).
It is based on the Android Open Source Project or AOSP version of the latest Android 5.
Area Vasta Centro Emilia - the two-year service contract for maintenance of green areas and local hospitals and AOSP AUSL Ferrara with project work integration of disadvantaged people.
As a member of Linaro organization, the Linaro builds of the AOSP for 64-bit ARMv8-A platform "Juno" will be a key building block to enable Allwinner to offer a range of differentiated solutions across multiple markets.
The unofficial firmware builds are based on the alpha CyanogenMod 12 build and AOSP.