AOSWAssociation of Oncology Social Work
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Social Work Oncology Research Group (SWORG) Director, AOSW - new statistics on the financial challenges of oncology care including the extent to which financial concerns impact compliance and the percentage of patients who suffered bouts of depression or anxiety due to treatment-related financial pressures.
Our survey findings demonstrate that the number of cancer patients dealing with financial concerns about their care, especially out-of-pocket costs, is on the rise," said Mary Ann Burg, Social Work Oncology Research Group Director, AOSW.
The survey was developed by Kelton Research in conjunction with Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company under the guidance of the AOSW.
The social worker survey participants were from the AOSW membership list.
The AOSW Conference, “Navigating a New World: Revolutions in Psychosocial Oncology Care,” is being held in Boston, Mass.