AOTDArt of the Drink (Instructional bartending videos)
AOTDArt of Technology Digest
AOTDActive Optical Target Detector
AOTDAvatar of the Day
AOTDAmateur Owner to Drive (equestrian)
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AOTDAssistant Operational Test Director
AOTDAces of the Deep (gaming clan)
AOTDAntrasis Operatyviniu Tarnybu Departamentas (Lithuanian: Second Investigation Department)
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APPENDIX List of Abbreviations and Acronyms ACAT Acquisition Category Acq AIM Air Intercept Missile AOTD Active Optical Target Detector AOTD-STE/TE Active Optical Target Detector-Special Test Equipment/ Test and Evaluation AOTR Assessment of Operational Test Readiness ASA/ALT Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology ATEC U.
The AOTD is a laser proximity fuze which provides a signal to detonate the warhead of the missile at its prescribed distance from the target.