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AOTEAArmy Operational Test & Evaluation Agency
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Aotea Pathology utilises Fort Richard Laboratories (NZ) Yersinia isolation agar which is based on the cefsulodin-irgasan-novobiocin (CIN) agar, developed by Schiemann in 1979 (5).
Because this part of Wellington s motorway network can get so congested, the Ngauranga to Aotea Quay Project aims to make this road work better for everyone who uses it.
As production manager Esther tried to kiss and cuddle her idol, he told the capacity crowd of 2,300 at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, Australia: "They're not all locked up, are they?
NEW ZEALAND (AOTEAROA) -- Last September, a crowd of 10,000 marched down the main street of Auckland to Aotea Square in a bitter cold downpour to protest genetic engineering (GE).
As an instance, the English translation of Oamaru is 'place of the god Maru'--brought from Hawaiki to Aotearoa by Kupe on the Aotea, and whose spirit resided in a carved stick--while Waiheke is translated as ebbing or dripping water.
We wish to thank the management of Aotea Pathology Ltd for their support and resources to complete this work.
The extension line will reduce the travel time between New Lynn and Aotea from 51 minutes to 23 minutes, with travel times from Manukau Centre to Karangahape Road down from one hour to 42 minutes.
Dr Russell added that the climate change will push New Zealand to focus on conservation projects in bigger islands like the Aotea or Great Barrier Island, Stewart Island and the New Zealand mainland.
Brenndorfer has also been assisting the volunteer doctors working at the Occupy Auckland protest near Aotea Square [see fast month's issue, p39].
The sample includes men from each of the eight MWWL regions (Te Taitokerau, Tamaki Makaurau, Waikato, Waiariki, Te Tairawhiti, Aotea, Poneke, and Te Waipounamu), and participants from each of the following groups: men in prisons/gangs, takataapui tane (men who have sex with men), and men living with disabilities.
Auckland Dec 3-7, Royal New Zealand ballet, ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Aotea Sw, www.