AOTJAntiquities of the Jews (book)
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"Six journals were rated high by respondents across most the quality indicators": AJOT, AOTJ, BJOT, CJOT, OTJR, and SJOT (p.
None of the journals in which the [TC.sub.2015] > 100 articles were published were occupational therapy-specific journals, such as the AOTJ, CJOT, AJOT, or BJOT.
The next four most frequent journals in which British occupational therapy authors published were the AOTJ (154 articles, 2.2%), SJOT (14 articles, 2.1%), Age and Ageing (12, 1.8%), and AJOT (10 articles, 1.5%).
Reasons for this occurrence could include the fact that the BJOT was accepted for inclusion in the JCR database in 2012, the number of occupational therapy journals that now have an established IF has increased (e.g., OTI, CJOT, AJOT, POPT, SJOT, AOTJ, and HKJOT), and finally the number of occupational therapy-specific journals has increased overall (e.g., InJOT, PJOT, AsJOT, WFOT Bulletin, and OJOT).
In a review of AJOT, BJOT, and AOTJ, Ziviani et al.
The top five journals in which British occupational therapy authors published from 1991 to 2015 were BJOT, Clinical Rehabilitation, Disability and Rehabilitation, AOTJ, and SJOT.