AOTRAprilia on the Road (motorcycle club)
AOTRAgreement Officer's Technical Representative (federal contracting)
AOTRAssessment of Operational Test Readiness (US DoD)
AOTRAdult Owner to Ride (equestrian)
AOTRActual Oxygen Transfer Rate
AOTRAll on the River (band)
AOTRAmbulant Orthopaedic-Traumatologic Rehabilitation
AOTRAmbulatory Orthopedic-Traumatological Rehabilitation
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They are also able to call on the assistance and guidance of the AOTR.
A source added: "The AOTR are reported to be not short on skill and courage, launching attacks and sending in people to attack apparently pointless targets to lure police out.
Finally, consistent with the 2008 DSB recommendation for the DT&E office to brief an "assessment of DT results" at milestone decision reviews, we will make an internal shift left process change, and transition the "assessment of operational test readiness" (AOTR) (note its placement in Figure 1), to a "DT&E Assessment" of performance, reliability, interoperability, and cybersecurity to better support acquisition decision making at each milestone decision.