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AOTSAttack of the Show (television series)
AOTSArt of the Saber (Star Wars fan film)
AOTSAs One To Serve (United Church of Canada Men's Group)
AOTSAutomatic Optical Track Scanner
AOTSAcoustic Optic Tunable Scanning
AOTSAdvanced OJT Training System
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Thus, Achebe's engagement with contemporary nationalism is more direct and explicit in these novels as well as in AOTS that appears much later.
The time lapse between AMOP and AOTS is quite significant.
Szeman thus argues that, prior to the release of AOTS,
In contrast, AOTS offers a rigorous exploration that recognises the complexities of post-independence politics.
Yet, Achebe's apparent shift in AOTS may not necessarily be seen as a disavowal of the broad ideas of nation itself, but of the idea as it is currently expressed in much of the formerly colonised world in general, and in Nigeria in particular.
Achebe himself reinforces this point in an interview shortly after the publication of AOTS in which he says that "[a] good teacher never prescribes, but draws out" (Wilkinson 1992: 47; italics in original).
As co-host of AOTS, Munn will also be reporting live from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles May 9-12 during G4's weeklong coverage of the world's largest video game convention.
Munn co-hosts AOTS alongside Kevin Pereira, a computer and gaming expert who has created a gaming online bulletin board, an Internet radio show ("Pointless Audio," which streamed more than 30 gigabytes of RealAudio each week), and an Internet video show, "Pointless TV.
The relaunch of AOTS adds a new, cutting-edge interactive component to the show.
Among the topics that the newly relaunched AOTS will cover in its daily broadcasts are:
Internet: Cool new podcasts, must-see web videos, and the websites and apps guys cannot live without -- AOTS combs the Internet and serves up the best of the web everyday.
Games: With the next generation of game consoles in hand, video games are more important than ever, and AOTS stays on the edge with up-to-the-second information and opinions.