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Population densities and geographic distribution of night monkeys (Aotus nancymae and Aotus vociferans) (Cebidae: Primates) in northeastern Peru.
leucopus presento un origen similar a lo hallado en Aotus, Callithrix, Pithecia, Saimiri (Diogo & Wood) y en el orangutan (Primrose), siendo mas amplio que lo reportado para el humano (Testut & Latarjet; Standring), Cebus libidinosus (Aversi-Ferreira et al.), y que lo representado enAlouatta seniculus, Ateles paniscus, Cebus apella y Cebus olivaceus (Youlatus).
Although Aotus and Saimiri monkey models have provided useful information about P.
Encarnacioan, "Characteristics and use of sleeping sites in Aotus (Cebidae: Primates) in the Amazon lowlands of Peru," American Journal of Primatology, vol.
These P vivax MSP-1 fragments ([MSP1.sub.19] and [MSP1.sub.42]) displayed strong immunogenicity in BALB/c mice and in Aotus monkeys.