AotVAspect of the Viper (gaming, World of Warcraft)
AotVAeroassisted Orbital Transfer Vehicle
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Daniel is also creating an art forum for Merthyr and is the director of AOTV, a film production company.
The technology required to put on the AOTV show doesn't come cheap--the school paid $12,000 for a "studio-in-a-box" machine and the supplying company donated another one--but the technology and journalism lessons the 120 broadcast students learn are valuable as well.
Last year AOTV won more than $10,000 in prize and grant money from various educational institutions and programs.
Green feels that the AOTV course has been a great success; it's become popular in the school's community and is a favorite among students.
Courville said the "Managers Corner" is one of the longest running locally produced shows at AOTV.
OTHER: Volunteered for Santa Fund, Christmas light set-up in Athol Veteran's Park, AOTV auction; YMCA soccer referee; AAU/YMCA basketball travel team.