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AOUAmerican Ornithologists' Union
AOUAmerican Ornithological Union
AOUApparent Oxygen Utilization
AOUAmerican Open University
AOUArea Of Uncertainty
AOUArithmetic Output Unit
AOUAzimuth Orientation Unit
AOUAcronym Over-Usage
AOUAlliance for Ontario Universities
AOUAviation Ordnanceman Utility (US Navy rank)
AOUApproved for Operational Use
AOUArab Open University (Saudi Arabia)
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Queen Rania encouraged collaboration between Edrk and AOU so that the latter can gain access to courses delivered at top tier universities.
This study adopts a qualitative research design to provide a more comprehensive image of the ways the AOU contributes to social development in the Arab region.
The AOU was established as a leading open university with branches in six Arab countries i.
She explained that although it is called "Open University," teaching at AOU is not by "correspondence" because the student should physically attend classes at least once a week.
The event was attended by a number of Saudi personalities in education including Ahmed Al-Saif, deputy higher education minister, Prince Turki bin Talal, president of the consulting body for AOU buildings, and AOU's Branch Director Salim bin Mattar Al-Ghamdi.
Summary: Riyadh, Jumada Al-Awwal 22, 1432 H/April 26, 2011, SPA -- Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, President of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Open University (AOU) and also Chairman of the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND) has asserted that the AOU still continues to.
The AOU offers degree programs in English Language and Literature, Computer Science, Business Administration and Educational Studies.
AOU introduces BA * The Arab Open University (AOU) will introduce seven new BA programs in its six branches across the region in the 2008/2009 academic year, according to an AOU official.
Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal Al-Homoud Al-Malek Al-Sabah lauded the AOU for organizing and sponsoring the event, as a leading educational institution seeking to develop an atmosphere of academic competition focusing on investing in human capital, as well as supporting science and knowledge.
The AOU aims to be an umbrella in the Middle East for ambitious individuals keen to pursue their studies and fulfill their aspirations with a vision toward reinforcing a society of learning and knowledge in the Arab Word.
Al-Nuaimi extended thanks to HRH the Premier for patronising the 8th AOU graduation ceremony, hailing his keenness to encourage higher education.
He was accompanied by members of AOU advisory panel for buildings Dr Mohammed Himdan from Jordan, Dr Khalid Zaki from Saudi Arabia and AOU-Bahrain Branch director Dr Abdulrahman Al Awadhi.