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AOVAnalysis of Variance
AOVAverage Order Value
AOVAir Operated Valve
AOVAgents of Value (Philippines outsourcing company)
AOVAutomatic Opening Vent (smoke control and ventilation systems)
AOVAir Traffic Safety Oversight Service (US Federal Aviation Administration)
AOVArchitects of Victory (band)
AOVArchitects Of Victory (South Wales band)
AoVAlliance of Violence
AOVArbitrary Output Variable
AOVAsociación de Origami de Venezuela (Spanish)
AOVAvenir Olympique de Viviez (French rugby club)
AOVAnnual Order Value
AOVAtlantic Ocean Volcanism
AOVActing on Our Values
AOVArmy of Valor
AOVAteliers d'Ophtalmologie Virtuelle (French: Virtual Ophthalmology Workshops)
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In Nuosu, the occurrence of A- and V-leaning manner adverbs in transitive clauses imposes the AOV order.
AOC Leghorn male/female 1 and 2 J Crowther Minorca male/female 1 D and H Sill AOV male/female 1 Tinson and Hidden.
0 see an increase in conversions-to-sales by up to 20%, a 2-5% boost in AOV, and increased time on page.
AOV Male/Female 1 K Britten, 2 D McCabe, 3 K Britten.
21 percent), traditional desktop and laptop traffic had an AOV of ($165.
From day one, RichRelevance's team of personalization experts worked closely with Motorcycle Superstore to understand the company's specific goals and challenges, such as the need to increase conversion and improve AOV in an intensely competitive landscape.
09%), traditional desktop and laptop traffic had the highest Black Friday AOV ($175.
com, one of the most visited websites for allergy relief products and allergy relief information, gained a $10 increase in its AOV.
retail marketers dramatically increased their search spend on Bing, up 47% YoY, seeing higher AOV from shoppers on Microsoft's engine.