AOVCAssociation of Old Vehicle Clubs
AOVCAdvanced Operations Validation Center (Silver Engineering)
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Parameter Description Value Rmin Minimum distance an {2m-90m} nominal object should be from value is 10m the MM sensor to be entirely covered Ao[V.sub.p] PIR angle of view 45 (0) AoVc MM sensor angle of 60 (0) view SR PIR sensor Sense Range 20m DoF/Rmax MM sensor depth of I {20m-150m} field TS GA Tournament size 5 for when 10 PIR sensors are used, 10 otherwise [mu] Random GA mutation 0.015 factor [alpha] GA cross over rate 50% F DE scaling factor 0.8 b DE bandwidth 20 CR DE cross over rate 20% Table 2.
The Association of Old Vehicle Clubs (AOVC) recently discovered that its members are required to submit an 11/1 form to local police 28 days before a vintage rally takes place.
The interpretation of the law means clubs affiliated to the AOVC have to complete an eight-page form.