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AOWAlgemene Ouderdomswet
AOWAdvanced Open Water (PADI)
AOWArt of War
AOWAge of Wonders (computer game)
AOWAll Over the World
AOWAct of War Direct Action (game; usually shortened to Act of War)
AOWAncient of War (Warcraft III reference)
AOWAny Other Weapon
AOWAll out war (boards and forums)
AOWAustralasian Ontology Workshop
AOWAsia and Oceania Workshop
AoWAvatar of War (Everquest)
AOWAngels of War (gaming clan)
AOWArea of Work
AOWAngels of Wrath (gaming clan)
AOWAuxiliaryman of the Watch
AOWAssignment of Work
AoWAdvancement of Women (various locations)
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AOW is an annual oil and gas conference and exhibition held in the Cape Town Exhibition and Convention Centre and is the longest-running and most prominent event held in Africa for the Continent's fast-growing oil, gas-LNG and energy industry.
The AOW types associated with copper finds include Kierikki and Polja Wares in Finland and Vojnavolok XXVII, Orovnavolok XVI and Palajguba II Wares in Russia (Fig.
A data bank was produced in which each squid was described by its origin (sample, landing date), sex, size (ML, BW), and reproductive characteristics (maturity stage, OW, TW, AOW, GSI, HI, TI/ NGI).
Today, the AOW is financed by wage-earner contributions (17.
The statutory old-age pension (AOW) should be maintained for the financial security of the elderly and to close the income gap between the elderly with only AOW and those with supplementary pension benefits.
T1, TTC, and ETSI, together with the CCITT, established the 'Interregional Telecommunications Standards Conference' (ITSC), which, in the meantime, has been joined by additional members and changed its name to 'Global Standards Collaboration Group' (GSC) (Evagora 1992); EWOS, AOW, and NIST-OIW set up the 'Regional Workshop-Coordinating Committee' (RW-CC); CCITT, ISO, and IEC came up with a 'Joint Working Party Information Technology', etc.
Founded as a stand-alone extension of Denver Rotary Club's social endeavors, AOW utilizes the extraordinary reach of the International Rotary Club network of 34,000 clubs in sourcing important art and enabling participating clubs to fund key social projects.
AlwaysOnline Wireless (AOW), a leader in short-term, on-demand LTE data plans for iPad with Apple SIM users around the world, has announced its newest product, the AOW Global Data SIM, the company said.
The specific goals for each AOW were developed in detail in the high-level Partnership Contribution Implementation Plan 2013-2016 1 (HLIP I).
If you have always wanted to own a machine gun, short barreled rifle, short barreled shotgun, silencer (suppressors) or an AOW (Any Other Weapon) you will want to read this article.
AOW is a distinct category from machine guns and short-barrel rifles.
Marie-Chantal Kalisa, AOW panelist, assistant professor of Modern