AOXAlternative Oxidase
AOxAlcohol Oxidase
AOXAdsorbable Organic Halides
AOXAlstria Office REIT AG
AOXArmies of Exigo (computer game)
AOXAdsorbable Organohalogens
AOXArmy of Xena
AOXAutomated Optical Cross-Connect
AOXAllemagne-au-Max (French; German pop culture forum)
AOXAircrew Oxygen System
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A number of approaches have been explored to reduce the AOX level in paper mill effluent, which can be categorized as physico-chemical and biological.
Gene expression analysis of FABPB4 in NIH 3T3 L1 cells (E) and AOX in FAO-PPAR [alpha] cells (F) treated with TBPH or TBMEHP for 24 hr was performed using qPCR.
The antioxidant, AOX (AGRADO [R] Plus, a trademark of Novus International Inc.
Among the 4 syndromes, NBX is the most frequently encountered followed by ECD and AAPOX, whereas AOX is the least common subtype of AOXGDs.
The most important source of AOX is provided by nutrition.
Antioxidant (AOX) enzymes such as superoxide dimutase and glutathione peroxidase provide protection within cells whilst low molecular weight scavenging antioxidants and AOX vitamins are present in extra cellular fluid.
Improved AOX degradation in UV oxidative wastewater treatment by dialysis with nanofiltration membrabe.
HDL Atherosclerosis Treatment Study (HATS) investigators (7-9) have reported that the combination of an antioxidant (AOX) cocktail [800 N/day of 2R,4'R,8'R-(RRR)-AT + 1 g vitamin C, 25 mg [beta]-carotene, and 100 [micro]g selenium] or individual AOX vitamin therapies (vitamins A, E + C, and [beta]-carotene) attenuated the HDL2-C response that was obtained by simvastatin-niacin (S-N) therapy.
5 liter plastic bottles, all Lipton RTD varieties are claimed to deliver the benefits of antioxidants and carry the official AOX seal, a proprietary mark created by Lipton to indicate substantial levels of antioxidants.
APPLICATION: Mills can apply xylanase enzyme to reduce the total equivalent chlorine demand in the bleaching process, to reduce the AOX generated.
An enzyme in the pathway, alternative oxidase or AOX, occurs only in plant cells, where it's located in the cell powerhouses called mitochondria.