AOXAlternative Oxidase
AOxAlcohol Oxidase
AOXAdsorbable Organic Halides
AOXAlstria Office REIT AG
AOXArmies of Exigo (computer game)
AOXAdsorbable Organohalogens
AOXArmy of Xena
AOXAutomated Optical Cross-Connect
AOXAllemagne-au-Max (French; German pop culture forum)
AOXAircrew Oxygen System
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Evidence also points out that, there are reduced AOX defenses in depression as indicated by lowered levels of key AOXs and AOX enzymes which include reduced levels of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), serum zinc, vitamin E, glutathione and glutathione peroxidase (GPX).
To date, an alternative type-2 NADH dehydrogenase (NADH2), a mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (mtGPDH), and an AOX are the three enzymes reported as part of the mitochondrial branched respiratory chains of mammals, yeast, and marine invertebrates (Abele et al.
Many studies indicated that PTOX and AOX are homologs, which have the same origin (McDonald and Vanlerberghe, 2006).
The AOX assay was based on the determination of H2O2-dependent oxidation of leuko- dichlorofluorescein by absorption at 502 nm (Reubsaet et al.
A number of approaches have been explored to reduce the AOX level in paper mill effluent, which can be categorized as physico-chemical and biological.
Gene expression analysis of FABPB4 in NIH 3T3 L1 cells (E) and AOX in FAO-PPAR [alpha] cells (F) treated with TBPH or TBMEHP for 24 hr was performed using qPCR.
COD = chemical oxygen demand; AOX = adsorbable organic halides; TRS = total reduced sulfur.
En el organismo existe un equilibrio entre las especies reactivas de oxigeno y los sistemas de defensa AOX.
2]) of pH on activity must be generated Does not react with on-site Handling ammonia or amines reactants is safety Works well in high concern Equipment chlorine demand commissioned and systems Minimizes AOX maintained Corrosive vs.
Conclusions of the study were: (1) Antioxidants and other nutrients given to small-cell lung cancer patients along with conventional treatment drastically improved long-term survival; (2) "(There) were no side effects observed (from nutrients)"; (3) "Surviving patients started AOX treatment earlier than those who succumbed"; (4) "AOX treatment should start as early as possible in combination with chemo &/or radiation.
AOX was reported to be effective for improving oxidative balance and performance in lactating cows by improving rumen metabolism (Vazquez-Anon and Jenkins, 2007) and plasma oxidative status (Vazquez-Anon et al.
Mature, nutrient-depleted skin needs special care that goes beyond hydration to restore moisture and comfort," a spokeswoman for a L'Oreal says about the company's latest antiaging formulas--Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition antisagging and ultra-nourishing moisturizer, and La Roche-Posay Derm AOX antigly-cation plus antioxidation serum.