AOYAngler of the Year
AOYAssassin of Youth (band)
AOYAssemblies of Yahweh (Bethel, PA)
AOYAmulet of Yendor (NetHack)
AOYArasaka Owns You (card game)
AOYAcademy of Youth Limited (University of the First Age; UK)
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It's that easy," said Aoy, giving just her nickname.
When it's meant to be, it's meant to be," reflected Cox who also noted that the AOY title is "the biggest accomplishment of my career.
By virtue of his AOY title, Cox earned an invite to fish for the $500,000 top prize.
It was also a great chance for producers to get to know Dave Williams, 2009's Advisor of the Year, as well as the hard-working foursome of AOY runners-up (Abe Ashton, Curtis Cloke, Arthur Farr and Tom Leininger).
Other well-attended sessions during the Expo included presentations by the effervescent Rosemary Caligiuri, 2008's AOY, as well as marketing master Bill Smith and life insurance expert Cindy Watson.
Stier's total count was the fewest for an AOY winner since the PWT went to a percentage system in 2003.
He now leads the Invacare AOY standings by 112 points.
An all-star panel of sports media experts selects one boy and one girl for the AOY award.
44) ANC, PRK files (unsorted), 'Kosang aoy roeng muam Pak Marx-Lenin koechie koddar komnot ney cheychumneah robas padewat Kampuchea' [Building the strength of the Marxist-Leninist Party is the key factor in the success of the Cambodian revolution], study document for the Party Plenary Congress, CPK Central Committee, 3 Apr.
Photo: Owner Ben Jamjuntr, left, daughter Teecha, Aoy Patan a and Pia Futra show off the cuisine at Ben Thai.
Olympian Allyson Felix and James won the initial AOY awards in 2003.