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AP1Activating Protein-1
AP1Acid Phosphatase 1
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AP1 was associated with less severe asthma; it showed decreased T helper cytokines and increased enterococcus bacteria, but normal pulmonary function tests.
Only one user device is associated to AP1 to perform Iperf TCP test which lasts 60 seconds.
In order to determine whether integrating mobile technology into the Pre-K curriculum using informal feedback from students' enhanced emergent literacy and early math skills, an Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was conducted using AP1 (i.
De manera similar, la activacion de JNK (c-Kinasa de Janus N-terminal) por mediadores inflamatorios, permite la formacion de AP1 (kinasa c-Jun N-terminal activador de la Proteina 1), un AP1 que es formado por dos proteinas: c-Jun y c-Fos, este heterodimero entra al nucleo y tiene como blanco a genes inflamatorios, como: IL-1, TNF-[alpha], IL-6, IL-8 e IFN-[gamma].
El caso 3 identifica un escenario en el cual cada usuario se conecta a un AP diferente, por ejemplo el jugador 1 selecciona el AP1 y por lo tanto el jugador 2 selecciona el AP2, por lo tanto, la estrategia que maximiza la utilidad de cada jugador es seleccionar el maximo ancho de banda posible para cada AP el cual es ([[beta].
Based on the finding that the impairment of social interaction is an important clinical manifestation in autism [25], the effect of AP1 on social behavior was also determined.
For AP1 platform to calculate its [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the position and Euler angles of AP1 and position of AP2 will be enough.
As the online submission of the AP1 implies a reduction in the price of the service, solicitors are able to pass this saving on to their clients and offer them more competitive rates.
For the indoor WLAN test, the RSSs at the receiver points measured from AP1 and AP3 base stations are used as training data in the ML-ANN training.
You need to complete a form AP1 (which you can download from the Land Registry website), marking the nature of the application as "Change of Name" and send it, together with an official copy of your marriage certificate (they will return it) to Land Registry Wales Office, Ty Cwm Tawe, Phoenix Way, Llansalmet, Swansea SA7 9FQ.