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AP1Activating Protein-1
AP1Acid Phosphatase 1
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The deal was inked by IIAC President Koo Bon-hwan and AP1 President Faik Fahmi at the Paradise City Hotel in Incheon, Wednesday.
Among the isolated phages AP1, AP2, AP3, and AP4 representing different size and plaque morphology were selected for further study.
To elucidate the molecular mechanism, we detected the activation of NF-[kappa]B and JNK/ AP1 pathway.
AP1 was associated with less severe asthma; it showed decreased T helper cytokines and increased enterococcus bacteria, but normal pulmonary function tests.
After JNK is activated, it enhances the transcription activity of Fos/ Jun (AP1) by phosphorylating ATF2.
To set up this experiment, the iperf TCP server is running on AP1. Only one user device is associated to AP1 to perform Iperf TCP test which lasts 60 seconds.
Transgenic rice plants expressing the feredoxin-like protein (AP1) from sweet pepper show enhanced resistance to Xanthomonasoryzaepv.
Regarding the abandoned pasture areas, Brachiaria decumbens Stapf predominates in AP1 and AP2, while in AP3 and AP4 the predominance of Brachiaria humidicola (Rendle) Schweick occurs.
All students were given the VPK Assessment (AP1) in September 2012.
Other sites are characterised by informal settlements (AP1), agriculture (AP9), or a combination of both (AP7).