AP13Assault on Precinct 13 (film)
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Unless the seller is quite confident that his/her rival is a "strong leader" (as in AP13 and API4), he/she will offer a somewhat lower price relative to the BASE treatment to increase the chances of selling the second unit.
It is clear, though, that the Asven, often referred to as "les gens de l'Archiper" (AP13, 232) form a nation, although not a sovereign one.
Eight different models of the extended flute mills are available, including six with Weldon style shanks: 1.000", 1.250", and 1.500" cutting diameters using AP10 size inserts, and 1.250", 1.500", and 2.00" sizes that use AP13 inserts.
The V590 milling cutters use standard Valenite AP10 or AP13 positive rake top-form geometry.
Recurrent selection for yield in five populations, designated AP10, AP11, AP12, AP13, and AP14, that differed in their percentages of PI germplasm began at Iowa State University in 1979.
TABLA I ANTAGONISTAS EMPLEADOS EN EXPERIMENTOS ESTABLECIDOS EN INVERNADERO Y CAMPO Grupo BA Grupo AA Grupo HA Grupo HM B1 A1 Gliocladium H05 Rhizopus H20 B2 A2 Gliocladium H24 Trichoderma H40 B4.1 A13 Gliocladium H34 Trichoderma H41 B13.2 AP13 Gliocladium H58 Trichoderma H43 B15.1 A37 Gliocladium H63 Rhizopus H49 B19 A44 Fusarium H69 Rhizopus H62 B29 A51 Fusarium H74 Fusarium H70 B29.1 A53 Penicillium H77 Rhizopus 1175 BA: bacterias antibioticas, AA: actinomicetos antibioticos, HA: hongos antibioticos, HM: hongos micoparasiticos.
AP11 (25% PI parentage) and AP13 (75% PI parentage) also had greater genetic variability for seed yield than did AP14.