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AP2American Pie 2 (movie)
AP2Activator Protein 2 (also seen as AP-2)
Ap2Adipocyte Protein 2
AP2Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (movie)
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AP2 was associated with increased pro-inflammatory cytokines, increased oral taxa and strep pneumonia bacteria, and decreased pulmonary function tests, or more severe asthma.
Regarding the abandoned pasture areas, Brachiaria decumbens Stapf predominates in AP1 and AP2, while in AP3 and AP4 the predominance of Brachiaria humidicola (Rendle) Schweick occurs.
t] [N] represents the set of possible distances from a given AP1 over the line between AP1 and AP2 (i.
El caso 3 identifica un escenario en el cual cada usuario se conecta a un AP diferente, por ejemplo el jugador 1 selecciona el AP1 y por lo tanto el jugador 2 selecciona el AP2, por lo tanto, la estrategia que maximiza la utilidad de cada jugador es seleccionar el maximo ancho de banda posible para cada AP el cual es ([[beta].
Note that, (9)-(10) provide the AP1 and the AP2 LOS angles in the absence of pitch, roll, and yaw angles.
They would be in the fifth-floor Forum, the largest and tallest of the FRAC'S three exhibition halls, a part of which spans the street and then cantilevers like a balcony out over the AP2 hall, letting visitors hang out in its voluminous, unrestored interior somewhere other than the open floor below.
The RSSs measured from the receiver points for AP2 in the indoor WLAN and the ML-ANN test results are compared and shown in Fig.
Vendor: AMF, GAMCO Asset Management Inc, Alecta, AP4, AP2, Other minority shareholders, Investor AB
Similarly in 1 of the swimmers the overlap of AP2 phase onto LP2 phase was found, and in one case, it was a continuous alternating propulsion movement (no gliding).
w]: magnitud de movimiento; RI: intervalo de recurrencia) Segmentation Segment name Length SR model (km) Minimum (1 All 500 0,1-0,01 segment) Maximum (13 AP1-Munico 41,88 0,1-0,01 segments) AP2 -Barco 25,73 0,1-0,01 AP3 -Jerte 63,7 0,1-0,01 AP4 -Canave 43,15 0,1-0,01 AP5-Brozas 26,8 0,1-0,01 AP6-Aliseda 34,13 0,1-0,01 AP7-Alburq 20,87 0,1-0,01 AP8 -Campo 22,31 0,1-0,01 AP9 28,02 0,1-0,01 AP10 32,82 0,1-0,01 AP11 41,13 0,1-0,01 AP12 44 0,1-0,01 AP13 75 0,1-0,01 7 segments (6 AP2,1 68.
Primers AP2 and AP3 amplified 3-9 DNA segments from all isolates ranging in 230-2150 bp (base pair).
The analog backplane is also available as a 2-channel version AP2 for all needing less channels.