AP3Adaptor Protein 3
AP3Army Power Projection Program
AP3Assembly Protein 3 (biochemistry)
AP3Ansamitocin P-3
AP3Authorized Provider Partnership Program
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After rigorous validation, AP3 was selected for its excellent quality, stability and functionality.
Mayor Anthony Rinella, backed by commissioners Jim Webb, John Goss, Angelo Hightower and Doug Patton, read the proclamation declaring March 3 as AP3 Day to Porter's parents at last week's city council meeting.
Among the isolated phages AP1, AP2, AP3, and AP4 representing different size and plaque morphology were selected for further study.
In turn, FIL in combination with ANT acts to upregulate the "adaxial" gene PHB and MADS-box gene AP3 [65], and together with REV, AP1, and LFY, spatially regulates the transcription of the SUP and the MADS-box genes AG, AP3, and PI [31, 44, 47].
Los perfiles obtenidos, para todos los aislados con los oligonucleotidos M13, AP3, T3B y R108, se encontraron en el rango de 150-700, 250-1300, 150-700 y 100-1300 pb, respectivamente (Fig.
Regarding the abandoned pasture areas, Brachiaria decumbens Stapf predominates in AP1 and AP2, while in AP3 and AP4 the predominance of Brachiaria humidicola (Rendle) Schweick occurs.
(iv) Acceptability (Table 14 and Figure 9): the radioactive waste (AP3) is both important and influential factor within the Acceptability dimension, which indicates that the most crucial issue for the improvement of Acceptability dimension is to accelerate several approaches to solve the problems concerning radioactive wastes such as final disposal of high level wastes or nuclear fuel cycle.
Although there are three assessment periods (Assessment Period 1 [AP1] given in September, Assessment Period 2 [AP2] given in January, and Assessment Period 3 [AP3] given at the end of May), only AP1 and AP3 are required.
Trophi Fastighets is a company managed by Redito and owned by the Swedish pension fund AP3. The assets being sold are majority owned by Starwood Capital Group, while Vencom is a minority investor and operating partner of the properties.