AP42-Amino-4-Phosphonobutyric Acid
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What was then seen as odd and unique is now becoming mainstream, said Mats Andersson, Chair of PDC, and former CEO of AP4.
To set up this experiment, two users are connected to AP1 and the other two users are associated with AP2 and AP4 respectively.
AP4 believes we should do our part, Ahe quoted Gopez as saying.
The calibration of the device, type AP4 is performed in place of plant development and measurements are made on the middle and only the upper face of the sheet.
By using the coordinate system shown in Figure 8, the locations of the APs are as follows: AP1 (15, 1), AP2 (1, 12), AP3 (29, 38), and AP4 (15, 49), the locations of the AP were chosen arbitrarily.
Stomatal conductance was recorded by Delta-T porometer AP4 (Delta-T Devices Ltd.
Continuous changes in stomatal conductance in leaves were measured with the AP4 leaf porometer (Delta-T Devices Ltd, Cambridge, GB) in intervals of 1-20 min.
2011 AP4 - Trushit Makwana & Naval Koralkar from Coinstar, Institute of Chemical Engineering August 2nd (Phase II)
However, RAPD fingerprints generated higher level of discrimination by AP4 and AP5 primers showing 12 rapdemes, followed by AP3, AP2 and API producing 11, 9 and 6 rapdemes respectively.