AP600Advanced Plant 600
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The AP600 grew out of a project for the US military to develop a mobile, trailer-based 10MW nuclear reactor that would have been used to provide runway lighting at advance airbases in the Cold War.
The fact that the AP600 could not compete with natural gas meant that Westinghouse's engineers needed to get more power out of the design while cutting costs.
NRC's Gary Holahan acknowledges that the agency relied on the tests from the AP600 and computer modeling for the AP1000, but says that after extensive review by the commission's technical staff and the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, it determined that additional testing was not necessary.
Adrian Bull, UK stakeholder relations manager for Westinghouse, says the challenge for the company was to take the design of the AP600 and squeeze double the power out of it.
There were modifications to the height of the reactor core but the footprint of the AP1000 is basically the same as that of its less powerful cousin, the AP600. "You'd have to be a real expert to spot the other differences, Bull claims.
According to Westinghouse, the design of the AP600 requires 50 percent fewer valves, 80 percent less safety grade piping, 70 percent less control cable, 35 percent fewer pumps (with no safety grade pumps), and 45 percent less seismic building volume than other conventional reactors.
The AP600 is designed to go up in three years, the pebble bed reactor in two.
Modularity is key to the Westinghouse AP600, a 600-megawatt pressurized water reactor.
AP600 and AP1000 are based on proven Westinghouse PWR technology that has been successfully operated in hundreds of reactor-years of operation.
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