aPaaSApplication Platform as a Service (cloud computing)
aPaaSAlternative Program for Academically Accelerated Students (Irvine, CA)
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KeyedIn Konfigure aPaaS is transforming custom enterprise-level application development, building new business systems and system components with greater speed, agility, and innovation.
IBM, for example, announced a $3 billion Internet of Things investment in March, allocating the funds toward bringing together the different pieces of its IoT ecosystem, including its APaaS offering, Bluemix.
APaaS solutions allow a faster, more nimble approach to building, deploying, and upgrading apps because they let you build apps by clicking and dragging instead of complicated coding.
Building that app and equipping it with various marketing functions will require the flexibility of an APaaS solution such as Bluemix, but IBM is not the only vendor to zero in on this need; big names in the CRM market now offer APaaS as well.
Condori's community got the well back, and APAAS stands today as one of the most innovative examples of communal water networks in Bolivia.
"First, the leaders of our 32 member committees have a meeting," explains Eduardo Yssa, founder of ASICA Sur, an alliance of the Zona Sur's water cooperatives, including APAAS. "Then we have a general meeting with everyone.