APAFApoptotic Protease Activating Factor
APAFAustralian Proteome Analysis Facility (protein study; North Ryde, Australia)
APAFAblation for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (cardiology; medical study)
APAFAsian Pacific American Federation (Ohio)
APAFAircraft Procurement, Air Force
APAFAlarm Permit Application Form (business license)
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An organization for animal welfare and the preservation of the environment and humans, APAF represented by its president Soraya Mouawad, qualified the Dekwaneh Municipality to be an ideal prototype municipality dealing with stray animals and at the same time preserving the ecological circle in a contemporary and civilized manner.
A full coordination between the Dekwaneh police, represented by its president Souhail Najm, the police officers and a team of APAF specialists identified the first steps to maintain public safety and rescue the dogs.
Birds in group 1 (n = 8) received fine, insoluble grit composed of silica (Riga, APAF, Ville St Laurent, Quebec, Canada), administered by oral intubation once (80 irregular particles, measuring approximately 0.2 mm each, to each bird), 24 hours after migration of the metallic sphere into the ventriculus.
An excess of Bax lead to formation of more Bax-Bax homodimers, leading to release of cytochrome C and activation of Apaf -1.
This induced transcription factor (in concert with other constitutively expressed molecules such as ApAF; Bartsch et al., 2000) activate a second wave of downstream genes that lead to the growth of new synaptic connections.
Enhancement of memory-related long-term facilitation by ApAF, a novel transcription factor that acts downstream from both CREB1 and CREB2.
Silencing of miR-155 elevated expression of the Apaf-1 proteins, whereas Apaf mRNA levels were unchanged [46].
The budget request included $95.2 million in Aircraft Procurement, Air Force (APAF), for the F-22A aircraft program, including $64.0 million for shutting down the production line.
PCR primers were indicated as follows: Apaf 1, 5' -ATGTTATCCCTGTGGAGAG- TGG3' (sense) and 5'-CACCAACTAAAGACACGACGAG-3' (antisense); Bace 2, 57-TTGTGGACACCGGAAGCAGTAA3' (sense) and 5'-CCTCAAAGCCCTTGGAGTGGTA-3' (antisense); Plcb 4, 5'-GCCCATTACTTCATCAGTTCCT3' (sense), 5'-TACACATTGCTTTTCCGTGAGT-3' (antisense); [beta]-actin, 57-CACCCGCGAGTACAACC TTC-37 (sense) and 5,-CCCATACCCACCATCACACC-3i (antisense).
In turn, Cytochrome-c engages apoptotic protease activating factor 1 (APAF 1) and forms the apoptosome in the presence of deoxyadenosine triphosphate.