APAFApoptotic Protease Activating Factor
APAFAustralian Proteome Analysis Facility (protein study; North Ryde, Australia)
APAFAblation for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (cardiology; medical study)
APAFAsian Pacific American Federation (Ohio)
APAFAircraft Procurement, Air Force
APAFAlarm Permit Application Form (business license)
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An organization for animal welfare and the preservation of the environment and humans, APAF represented by its president Soraya Mouawad, qualified the Dekwaneh Municipality to be an ideal prototype municipality dealing with stray animals and at the same time preserving the ecological circle in a contemporary and civilized manner.
A full coordination between the Dekwaneh police, represented by its president Souhail Najm, the police officers and a team of APAF specialists identified the first steps to maintain public safety and rescue the dogs.
Approximately 25 percent of patients in the APAF trial met the current CRT indication criteria set forth in the treatment guidelines, while 75 percent did not.
About the APAF Study The prospective, multicenter study included 186 patients who had successfully undergone AV junction ablation and CRT, and who were randomized to receive echo-guided CRT (97 patients) or RV apical pacing (89 patients).
The TripleTOF([TM]) 5600 System will enable APAF scientists to characterize which proteins are changing within a biological system with much greater depth and accuracy than what they can currently achieve with the existing systems in their laboratory.
Located on campus at Macquarie University, Sydney, APAF provides expertise and leading edge infrastructure in mass spectrometry, protein chemistry, protein arrays, glycan analysis and bioinformatics for servicing the Australian and international scientific communities.
And APAF's External Focus and Branding team is raising awareness and recognition of APAF, benchmarking best practices, and reaching out to schools and colleges to support recruiting.
Mark Bennett, General Manager of Nonlinear Dynamics' US and Pacific Rim operations, said, "As a leading research facility, APAF has a well respected understanding of the analysis solutions available in this area.